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Chantal has always produced quality work for me. She has worked on some large projects for me, with tight deadlines and has always risen to the challenge. Her service is prompt, her translation quality excellent and it is a pleasure to work with her because of her personable nature. Chantal is the first person I call upon when I need French or Dutch to English translation services!

- Katja Suletzki, Latitude48 Translation

I really may thank you for the quality of your work. By working so precisely, you saved me a lot of time. As you can see, your work is already online [...] I really appreciate your work, since I know something about the quality difference one might encounter among translators."

- Joe Bayes, Placet - Communication for the Arts

I just took a quick look at the translation and want to thank you for re-formatting it so nicely! I really appreciate the time you took to work on this project.

- Olessia Laird, translate4me, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Chantal Wilford during the months of June and July 1998, translating press releases for the World Cup, and was extremely impressed with her competence and motivation. It was not always easy to find the appropriate expressions to render the translation as lively as the original, given the combination of colloquial and technical language used. Chantal often found just the word to fit the context. In short, Chantal's friendly manner and professionalism would make her an asset to any employer. I would therefore recommend her without hesitation.

- Bruce Gold, Head of Translation
French Organising Committee - FRANCE 98

I worked with Chantal Wilford for a number of weeks during the FRANCE 98 World Cup. It was a situation where everyone involved had to form a team quickly and work under pressure, and I can confirm that she more than rose to the challenge, not only with her fluent and accurate translating abilities but also as a person who worked efficiently in sometimes difficult circumstances. She absorbed an unfamiliar vocabulary rapidly, and being equally at home with British and American English, her versatility was particularly useful. She was, in short, a totally reliable as well as extremely pleasant workmate. I can recommend her wholeheartedly.

- Theresa Lister, Translation Co-ordinator
French Organising Committee - FRANCE 98

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